Catalyzing Cannabis Growth

sa·​to·​ri: a sudden enlightenment, awakening

Who We Are

Satori Investment Partners was created by three experienced entrepreneurs with a proven ability to profitably operate and manage complex organizations. Our team combines a zeal for capitalizing on emerging market opportunities with a disciplined approach to help guide these opportunities to higher levels of profitability and success.

How We Partner

We are an investment fund that seeks out proven cannabis companies with a high potential for growth that need capital. We strive to make a positive difference in these companies, and in turn their communities. Additionally, we are creating an ecosystem of companies that unlock synergies within their business models for the greater good of all. From our partners, we value open collaboration, communication and innovation.

Investment Portfolio

What We Offer

Satori’s main focus is operating in a manner that is in the best interest of our portfolio companies. We do not seek out controlling stakes in our partners. We use our deep and varied experience to guide, not dictate. We imbue all our efforts with an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces the “new”, while keeping the “tried and true” process that we know drives growth.

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