Collaborative Partners

Helping Cannabis Companies Clear Capital Hurdles

Satori Investment Partners understands the complexity and stress companies face when looking for capital investment in the cannabis market. Fundraising for any founder is a full-time job, let alone in the cannabis industry as operators are forced to navigate regulatory hurdles, unrealistic loan terms, and burdensome tax policies. It can be a truly overwhelming process with no certain outcomes.

That’s where Satori Investment Partners steps in.

At Satori, our diligence process is streamlined to expedite the potential for funding quickly. And since we are privately funded, we’re able to deploy it in ways that banks can’t. We pride ourselves on completely streamlining the discovery, funding, and due-diligence process. We accomplish this through strict adherence to our Five Investment Pillars. These are the critical criteria we require from any prospective partner. These pillars ensure a positive, synergistic dynamic between us and partners at the outset of our relationship. Additionally, we’ve found that they drastically increase the rate of productivity and efficiency moving forward.

Satori is a very value-oriented, relationship and results-driven company, which is reflected in the kinds of partners we have already invested in. Satori seeks to invest in those companies that share the same levels of transparency, drive, intellect, and values of conscious consumerism.

We are looking for diverse, environmentally-conscious partners who seek to continue to elevate the cannabis industry by delivering high-quality, safe products and services. Our extensive prior experience in emerging markets makes us uniquely positioned to actively help our partners improve business operations and profitability. And, since Satori invests in a variety of cannabis companies (occupying various market niches) we are creating a network of interconnected, synergistic companies who can aid each other in realizing both individual and collective goals.

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