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Satori invests in U.S.-based cannabis data and technology firm.

April 2022
Hoodie Analytics announced the close of its inaugural round of fundraising at an undisclosed amount, along with key positions on its strategic advisory board. The raise positions Hoodie to massively scale out its product and sales efforts.

“The cannabis industry was long devoid of an all-encompassing view into the marketplace. Thankfully, Hoodie created the tools to remedy these issues,” said Chris White, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Satori Investment Partners.

Hoodie tracks over 3.5 million daily unique offers in over 8,000+ dispensaries in the US and Canada. Hoodie combines this unparalleled coverage with first-of-its-kind, next-day insights so businesses can access market trends and data within hours.

Satori Investment Partners Funds Rebel Spirit, Top-selling Oregon-based Cannabis Brand

March 2022
Attracted by brand performance, Satori values Rebel Spirit’s mission of giving back and honoring everyone’s “inner rebel”

Satori Investment Partners further expands existing brand portfolio with significant investment in Rebel Spirit, a top-selling Oregon cannabis company specializing in pre rolls.

“Rebel Spirit represents so much of what we look for in our portfolio partners,” said Chris White, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer at Satori Investment Partners. “Beyond the performance and growth of the underlying business, the inherent goodness woven into their business model is something that we at Satori Investment Partners strongly believe in, too.”

Satori Invests in Eaze’s Cannabis Delivery Services

September 2021

Satori Investment Partners have added another delivery service to its portfolio with an equity investment in Eaze.

“Our goal is to help Eaze transition from its focus on market share to profitability by acquiring cash flow positive assets,” said Chris White, Satori partner and chief strategy officer. “Acquisition and expansion into Florida represent a great growth trajectory for the future of the company.”

Eaze provides safe, legal access to cannabis via on-demand delivery to adults in California and Michigan. Satori is on a mission to enhance safe access to legal cannabis, educate adults about cannabis as a tool for wellness and drive smart cannabis practices. Satori invested in Boston-based Zip Run earlier this year.

Satori Adds Terrapin AZ to Investment Roster

September 2021

Satori Investment Partners announced an equity investment in Terrapin AZ.

Satori capital will fund the purchase of a license to grow and process cannabis and to construct a 150,000 square foot facility for growing and processing in Arizona. A dispensary license is also included with the license. Satori holds one-third ownership of the license and has contributed additional capital for engineering plans and permits.

“We have been involved with Terrapin in Pennsylvania and it has been a profitable investment,” said John Campbell, Satori co-founder and partner. “Based on the significant size of the growing and processing facility, we expect the Arizona operation to provide positive returns.”

Terrapin Care Station is a multistate, vertically integrated operator based in Boulder, CO. Terrapin cultivates and processes cannabis in addition to operating dispensaries in several states.

Medcare Farms Secures Funding from Satori Investment Partners

July 2021

Satori Investment Partners announced an equity investment in Medcare Farms, a dispensary and indoor grow operation located between Los Angeles and San Diego.

“Our Satori team was attracted to this vertically integrated company in Southern California because of the significant grow spaces, dispensary acquisitions and expansions, and potential profitability,” said Scott MacGuffie, Satori co-founder and partner. “Medcare prides themselves on their customer’s experience and service, and we are eager to help them expand cultivation and retail.”

The investment from Satori will focus initially on the expansion of cultivation by supporting the build out of current facilities. The expanded facilities will result in significant increases in annual flower production. Retail expansion is also planned for the future.

Satori Investment Partners Invest in Middlebury and Northeast Processing

May 2021

Satori Investment Partners announced the purchase of a 116,000 square foot building in Vermont that will be converted to a cannabis facility that will grow, test and distribute cannabis products.

“We believe the pending launch of recreational adult-use cannabis in Vermont is an ideal opportunity,” said Chris White, partner and chief strategy officer. “Northeast Processing currently offers the best in hemp processing in the state so converting the facility to cannabis will open doors to the cannabis industry and provide the same level of high-quality services for farmers and growers in New England.”

Investment funding will be used to build out the space and will generate income from subleased craft-grower suites, and a large-scale grow with extraction, processing, testing and distribution.

Zip Run Completes $2.3M Seed Funding Round

March 2021

Zip Run announced completion of a $2.3M seed funding round led by Mollitiam Capital. Satori Investment Partners joined Mollitiam Capital in providing financial support to the Boston-based social equity company.

“The delivery business in Boston is on the verge of huge growth, and we were impressed with Zip Run’s management and leadership,” said John Campbell, Satori co-founder and partner. “The proprietary technology platform that Zip Run developed will be a valuable tool for cannabis companies to ramp up quickly and offer delivery services.”

Zip Run is a Boston-based social equity company poised to become the first to hold delivery and courier licenses in the city of Boston. Zip Run developed a state-of-the-art software platform that delivery companies in other states can license.

Satori Invests in Highline Nursery to Expand Operations

June 2019

Satori Investment Partners announced an equity investment in Highline Nursery, a California-based nursery providing top shelf cannabis clones. The capital investment from Satori will be used to expand operations and build new facilities in southern and central California.

“We have the utmost confidence in the cannabis clone market in northern California and its growth potential,” said Scott MacGuffie, Satori co-founder and partner. “We are impressed by Highline’s management team as well as the quality and quantity of the clones produced by the company.”

Currently, the nursery in Humboldt county services customers in primarily northern California. The new facilities in southern and central CA will enable Highline to efficiently service the entire state with top quality clones. Highline guarantees roots for every clone and rigorously monitors plant health to ensure the highest quality product for consumers.”

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