5 Pillars for Partnership

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The following are the criteria we have established for all prospective partners to ensure the proper fit within our portfolio of investments. We look forward to reviewing each area together to ensure our goals and values are aligned.

Cash Flow Positive

Eligible companies are cash flow positive, or have a clear path to becoming so. Should unique opportunities present themselves that fall outside this criterion, Satori may still proceed with the diligence process to protect the best interest of the fund.

Experienced Management Team

The management team should be experienced with an exemplary track record.

Accurate Monthly Financials

Clear and accurate financials, bookkeeping, and general corporate hygiene are extremely important for any Satori investment.

Competitive Advantage

Satori seeks companies that operate in low competition, emerging markets, or those that have a unique competitive advantage in addition to increasing demand.

Seat at the Table

While Satori does not require a board member seat, we do insist upon having a voice in the company’s strategic growth and operations. Satori is unique insofar as we are able to maintain consistent and diligent communication with all of our portfolio companies, and expect the same transparency from investments and investors.

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